What to Believe?

When it comes to researching your health, so much information is available online that it can become overwhelming to say the least.

When it comes to the subject of male hormone and testosterone levels there’s so much erroneous information on unreliable blogs, it can be difficult to discern what the facts are. How do you know if Low T Treatment is safe and the right for fit for you?

We try to simplify it here with a few Facts and Myths when it comes to Low T Treatment:

  • Testosterone levels decreasing with age is NORMAL.  FACT! However, it is a common misconception that Low T ONLY affects “older” men. Low T can occur in men of ALL ages. It does not discriminate between numbers.
  • Abnormal, restless sleep can lower testosterone levels.  FACT! Getting your sleep under control could benefit other area of your health such as your testosterone.  Testosterone therapy also helps many men improve their sleep patterns.  FACT!
  • Low T Therapy is dangerous! MYTH!  Like any other prescription medication, testosterone needs to be taken properly under the guidance of a medical doctor.  However if taken responsibly  with follow up blood work, your levels will remain in the safe upper normal range.  It is incredibly important to make sure you are properly diagnosed and work with someone who is medically licensed and will join you in your journey to getting your T levels on track in a healthy manner.
  • Lifting Weights will Boost Your Testosterone Naturally. FACT! T levels are at their highest about 48 hours after training with heavy weights that put stressors on your body. An “easy” a non-intense workout will NOT have the same effects.

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