Our Comprehensive Program

Chicagoland Women’s Health Center offers a complete Hormone Replacement Therapy program that includes all bio identical pellets, pelleting procedure, examinations, follow up blood work and fat burning MIC B12 Combos for only $199.00 per month!


The Complete Program Includes:

  • Concierge support from our medical team
  • ALL office visits and follow up blood testing
  • ALL HRT pellets, pelleting and MIC B12 Combos
  • Convenience of Time Released Pellets only 3-4 times annually
  • No inconvenient daily application of gels or creams

There are NO extra charges or hidden fees.
$199 per month is all you’ll pay. Ever!

Chicagoland Women’s Health offers HRT pellets prescribed by a licensed medical doctor for women who necessitate treatment.

Your program is customized by the MD based on your age, symptoms, physical examination findings and blood test results. Your program will be closely monitored by our MD who interprets your blood test results, and pellet strength can be changed accordingly if necessary.

To get started, just fill out our online medical history forms and after you submit, we will call you to schedule an appointment with our medical doctor for your examination and blood testing. Our doctor will go over your test results as well as his exam findings, and if you are a candidate for care, he will prescribe the appropriate dose of HRT pellets.

It’s that easy. We will schedule all follow up blood work that can be preformed at our office or at any LABCORP. We typically only need to see you in our office 3 times annually!

Call (312) 888-5655 today and one of our Hormone Replacement Therapy experts can answer any of your questions.

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